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Our Key Points on the major issues

Spyros Nerantzis “I Kerkyra Psila” – Corfu on the Rise!

Who we are: A team of Corfiots, from all professions, specializations, ages and walks of life who connected through years of voluntary actions. We all joined, regardless of political party reservations with a common aim: To inspire the community to work together for a better and sustainable Corfu. For “Corfu on the Rise”

A few interesting key points from our proposal for the next Mayoral Elections for the municipality of Central Corfu (excerpts from our detailed Main Proposal) :

Key Issues

Garbage Disposal: What is done

On voluntary basis:

} Since Summer 2018:

◦ 22 Recycling corners on the island

◦ Dozens of volunteers

◦ More than 5000 citizens recycling

◦ Successful 3-month test of a solution for organic waste from the farmers’ market + old town restaurants

} Promotion of “Rewarding Recycle” and of recycling culture in general

◦ Adoption of this concept by hundreds of major businesses and hotels

Garbage Disposal: What is to be done

} We follow the EU-required target to the letter: 50% recycling by 2020

} Sorting at the source, cleaning of recycling material

} Creation and support of plenty more Recycling Corners

} Creation of 3 Major Greek Corners for large scale businesses

} Introduction of Rewarding Recycling

} Support on island-wide campaigns, starting from schools to businesses

} Supporting the community of Temploni with special benefits

} Immediate Update of the Research regarding the new Waste Management Facility

} Local communities (Tembloni and Lefkimmi) contribute to monitoring of the landfill situation

} Funding of new research regarding future disposal areas by municipality

} Polluter Pays Principle: restitution for pollution damage to be made to the municipality

Traffic and Roads situation

} 3 new Public Parking spaces at the outskirts of town with transportation to the centre

} Digital Traffic Control App for:

◦ in-town parking finding and charging

◦ traffic load information

◦ Tourist bus and supply lorries load distribution

◦ Accurate Traffic data collection

◦ In accordance with digital signage

} Finalization of pending Urban Planning of the outskirts which will result in 2 new ring roads and more parking spaces.

} Final aim (long term) is to close Old Town to all vehicles except for utilities and give access to one parking space per permanent resident.

} Permanent Mobile Workshop for road maintenance plus permanent contractor for new road tarmac.

Local Government – Services

} Reorganization of Municipal services and staffing

} Introduction of e-signature. An e-government app regarding all citizen needs, communication with all community services and constant feedback (i-community)

} New child daycare facilities, better consultation with local school officials regarding funds

} Support of welfare facilities and services and introduction of e-welfare monitoring and assistance services

} Distribution of power and decision-making to the local village councils

} Special Municipal “Growth & Sustainability Department” to interconnect businesses with the primary sector and tourism, growth financing and local Sustainability Studies

} Rational management of municipal property (real estate) with the main purpose of maintaining and supporting the community's welfare structures

} Establishment of a new “Municipal Helpdesk” with English speaking staff to facilitate non-greek citizens requests and communication with all local authorities.

Tourism and Culture

} Establishment of a professional Destination Management Organization

} Vast, ongoing Survey on Qualitative figures of incoming tourism

} Island wide Tourism Portal (one-stop shop) for visitors including a major part on Local Culture

} Special signage on all cultural buildings

} Support to all cultural institutions

} UNESCO – Old Town Management Manual. Application, evaluation and readjustment

} Development of new sports facilities for the young and adults alike.

} Preservation and revitalization of Public Green Spaces, Parks and beaches

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